Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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Leaders - every organization needs them, and Cars Plus Cash is no exception.  Do you have what it takes to be a leader?  If so, Cars Plus Cash is the right opportunity for you to develop a team.


Jim Rohn, affectionately known as America's Foremost Business Philosopher, was one of my favorite personal development mentors. He was also one of the most upbeat and positive people I've had the pleasure of listening to. He had an uncanny ability for getting right to the point of what really matters most. This made him highly sought after by leaders in all kinds of organizations. However, his influence probably affected more people in the network marketing industry than any other. Jim Rohn had a knack for saying the right things that always made you think, whether it was his videos, audios, or written word. When it came to imparting wisdom on leadership, and how to add value to yourself, as well as those around you, he was sometimes clever, sometimes humorous, but always brutally honest. Of course, Jim himself, was also involved in, and a great advocate of, the network marketing industry. Especially in these times of economic unrest, I miss hearing his fresh, positive perspective on pursuing the American dream and importance of leadership.


What is leadership? Wikipedia defines leadership, as "the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task." Judging by that definition, and one's understanding of the importance of teamwork in network marketing, it's not hard to see why Jim Rohn connected with, and made such an impression on networkers, especially in the area of leadership skills.

Becoming a leader in Cars Plus Cash allows you to truly change the financial situation of all you share this opportunity with.  Especially in these poor economic times, people are out there looking for, if not a way out, certainly a way up.  Everyone is busy, sometimes with 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet.  They'd like to find something that could offer them an escape route.  And with the Cars Plus Cash system, not only can you offer an escape route, but a vehicle to make their escape in.  No other opportunity out there offers people the chance to get 2 of life's necessities, a car and a house, for a single one time $300 payment.
Cars Plus Cash System

Let's talk about specific ways to be a good leader in Cars Plus Cash.  One of the attributes of a good leader is setting the right example for those in your organization to follow.  One of the ways to do that is to do your best to contact 2 people a day and tell them about what we have to offer.  This can be in person, on the phone, a personal email message, or through social media sources like Facebook.  The first two methods are of course the best, and will produce the quickest results.

Another way to be a good leader in Cars Plus Cash is to attend as many of the webinars and training sessions that you can.  Each time you hear the training information gives you another chance for a different perspective or understanding.  To increase your presence within the team, you should step outside of your comfort zone by volunteering to host webinars or training sessions.
Becoming a student of your industry helps you learn better ways of marketing, lead generation, or presenting our opportunity to others.  Then share that information with those on your team to help improve their performance as well as your whole team.


Leadership can take many forms, but you must provide the right example and attitude that will attract others to follow you.  I’m looking for leaders to join me in Cars Plus Cash, and together we can change lives for the better.

Jack Koetting

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cars Plus Cash - in 2012 Still Only $300 For a New Car

It's a new year, and Cars Plus Cash is still the best and only way to get a brand new car for a one time membership fee of just $300.  That's right.  At a time when it seems everything else is going up, up, up - the Cars Plus Cash System, approaching it's first anniversary with everything it has to offer, is maintaining its price point entry to start your own home based business.  And what a business it is.  With not only the opportunity to fairly quickly re-coup your initial investment, but then to move on to subsequent boards earning $10,000 and $20,000 toward your goal of earning a brand new automobile.  So perhaps as we start this new year, a re-cap of the steps involved would be a good idea.

CARS PLUS CASH - The World's Best Car Rewards Program!

Take These 3 Simple Steps to Get Your New Car:
1. Purchase the Privilege Package and enjoy your dream vacation!  That's right.  Your Privilege Package includes a 4 day/3 night hotel stay in an exotic location like Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan.  Through your package purchase you also get lifetime access to the CPC Travel booking portal, which guarantees you the lowest price on hotel stays.  Plus they've recently added some impressive airfare and cruise  deals as well for CPC members.

2. Share this exciting opportunity with 2 friends.  Surely, you know at least two other people that would like a new car, or a chance to earn thousands of dollars repeatedly.  We even offer a 2 minute pre-recorded phone overview (209-647-1352) to make sharing the information even easier for you.

3. Cycle out of the Grand Prix Board to get your new car.  The Cars Plus Cash System has taken the best of what makes a board program work, and incorporated it into their Qualifying, Racing and Grand Prix Boards.  The CPC System encourages teamwork and the rewards are great indeed.

Here's a video that will help to explain the movement on the boards.

Cars Plus Cash Board Movement

Of course, different people experience different results with this system depending on the amount of effort they put in, the type of teamwork they inspire, and leadership they demonstrate. 

Today was a day off so I took the liberty of having a sleep in and escaping a rather cold morning. I then proceeded to start my day to check my emails and as.

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Cars Plus Cash System

So if you're ready to start 2012 off with a bang, and want a new car and some cash as well, I'm looking for people with desire and determination, who want more out of life.  If that's you, click work with Jack.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Else Do You Get For Your Membership Fee?

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the first immediate benefit of joining Cars Plus Cash, the 4 day/3 night international holiday voucher.  So it's time now to talk about the other benefits you receive as soon as you complete your payment, because as I mentioned before, we're all about providing choices and value for your membership.
So, in addition to that voucher, you also get LIFETIME access to the CPC travel booking service, featuring stays in over a million hotels that are located in over 200 countries (and growing).  The best part about this particular hotel booking service is that it features our 100% lowest price-match guarantee.  This means if you're surfing Priceline, Travelocity, Hotels.Com, or any other service out there, and you find a cheaper quote for the listed hotel, all you have to do is contact Cars Plus Cash with the specific information, and they will match that lower quote.  So never again will you have to wonder if you could have saved money booking it somewhere else. 
Are you someone who likes to "tinker with" or maintain your own vehicles?  If so, your back office with Cars Plus Cash features over 150 downloadable car manuals, some full manuals, some specific for a particular system or problem.
Of course, as a legitimate home based business, you also get your own self-replicating website, and a virtual back-office to maintain your business and track your earnings.
From time to time, you can also participate in various ongoing promotions.  For the month of September, Cars Plus Cash gave away a trip for 2 to Thailand.
And finally, let's not forget that you can get a new car, and a new house, all for a one-time payment of just $300.  Absolutely awesome.
If this all sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, click here, work with Jack
take the tour, and leave your contact information. 


Friday, September 30, 2011

Cars Plus Cash Has Its First Grand Champion

Strike up the band!  The networking business team of Linda Powell and Charles Moses, Gold Coast in Australia, has become the first Grand Champion in the Cars Plus Cash System.  And that's really something to celebrate.  The duo selected the member name "winwin" when they first joined Cars Plus Cash.  The name turned out to be prophetic. 
"So what does being a Grand Champion mean?"
I'm glad you asked. 
It means these great leaders working together have attained the top rank in the company in a little over 6 months.  It means that they are the only ones that will be enjoying a 2% share of this exciting company's global revenue in what is called the Cars Plus Cash Fortune Pool.  You see, the company, every month, puts this amount in the Fortune Pool to be divided amongst the Grand Champions.  But since there is only one Grand Champion ("winwin") at this time, the only people they have to share it with is each other. 
They had been involved together in other business ventures, some more successful than others, before being introduced to Cars Plus Cash.  In fact, Linda was almost ready to give up network marketing, but she decided to do her due diligence one more time.  And is she glad she did.  She and Charles are having a great time building and leading teams, and helping others get their $10,000 and $20,000 payouts on their road to becoming Grand Champions as well.
What are the other advantages of becoming a Grand Champion?  How does earning 10% on their downline's activity sound?   And Grand Champions definitely "have the ear" of the company's management team, by securing their place on the company's Leader Board.  Plus a trip to the company's 6 day 5 night Luxury Leadership Vacation. 
It also means they have at least 126 team sales in their organization.  Now I'm sure they've got a lot more than that.  But think about this.  To attain this rank, you only need 126.  A lot of other business opportunities would require a team of several thousand in their downline in order to achieve these types of rewards.
"This is the best program for creating big incomes that Charles and I have ever been a part of.  And to think that this company is still in its infancy.  We want to help more people get to where we are.  It's so rewarding, because we know that through the Cars Plus Cash System, we're helping to provide a financial solution in these tough economic times. We like developing leaders."
Speaking of leaders, I'm looking for leaders I can work with in Cars Plus Cash - the "drivin" opportunity for serious leaders.
Get a new car for $300!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Cars Plus Cash International Holiday Voucher

Do you enjoy traveling?
Most people when they join Cars Plus Cash for a one-time payment of just $300, were attracted by the fact that they can actually eliminate their car and mortgage payment through this simple system.  Or maybe it was the $10,000 and $20,000 board payouts.  Those awesome benefits, of course, are a delayed reward that you will earn as you follow and teach our cycle of duplication of getting two people and then helping them do the same.  

So let's talk about what you get immediately after you complete your one-time payment.  When you become a member of Cars Plus Cash, an instant reward that is available to you is the International Holiday Voucher.  This is great for people who love to travel.  Because we're not talking about a trip for two for an overnight getaway.  

No, this special memory creating trip includes 3 nights and 4 days.  And not in some run-down hotel or motel, but rather in a 3 to 4 star hotel in exotic places like Singapore, Hong Kong, or Japan.  In fact, the list of hotels to choose from is extensive, and your CPC virtual back office makes that list available to you, as well as the actual booking form.  Cars Plus Cash is a family friendly home business, so this accommodation package covers 2 adults and 2 kids as well.  That's right, for 4 people.

It's true that this reward does not include transportation to your destination, but if you follow our cycle of duplication system and cycle out of the Racing Board, you'll have plenty of money to get there, and then your voucher takes care of your family's stay - a great value.

Wish you were here?
So, what are you waiting for?  The time for action is now.  Cars Plus Cash is a home business that truly provides choice and value.  Choice in that you get to choose where to holiday, and everyone should agree that the value of just this one voucher alone exceeds the $300 one-time ever membership fee.  But that's not the total value of what you receive - but I'll cover some of the other things in future posts.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can One Really Eliminate Their Car and Mortgage Payments With This System?

The answer of course is, yes.  Otherwise, this would have been a very short post ;-)  
"But how?", you ask.  
It requires but a couple of things.  First, you must become a member of the Cars Plus Cash System, either at the fast start level of $300,  (one-time payment) which is the best place to get rolling, or if you're short on funds, you can choose to enter the Preliminary Board at $150, which will require additional recruiting.
Next, you need to introduce our system to 2 people, who like yourself, would like to eliminate their car and mortgage payments.  When they choose to join CPC  also, you have the 2 sales that are the start of your team.  As you teach a cycle of duplication of everyone in your team getting just 2 people, your rank within the company increases, and eventually you become eligible for the 3 incentive levels of the CPC system, namely a new economy class car, followed by a new luxury car, and the top incentive climaxes with a certificate to pay off your mortgage, or build you a new house worth a million dollars.
That's pretty awesome, and it's something a lot of people in this economy could use.  In fact, one of the reasons this has caught on with people is that, Cars Plus Cash incentives are based on necessities - things everybody wants or needs.
Will it happen fast?  Probably not, but when it happens for you, won't it be worth the effort?
And it's great to know that along the way, you'll be rewarded with at least one dream holiday trip, plus the fact that you would have earned $10,000 or $20,000 at least once, by cycling through the different boards.  Also you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped a lot of people improve their life.  One suggestion for that extra cash -  you could use it to pay off any other lesser financing expenses.  
So if you're looking for a legitimate way to eliminate your car and mortgage payments, you can't do better than Cars Plus Cash.

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